MeetMeTix Is Just the Ticket for Mobile Resales at Major Venues

MeetMeTix Is Just the Ticket for Mobile Resales at Major Venues

Austin-based startup changes the game for last-minute purchasers with a novel blend of mobile technology that works reliably even in crowded venues where bandwidth is scarce.

Ben Dyer knows how hard it can be to buy or sell tickets for high-profile events on short notice — and he’s counting on MeetMeTix to provide a much-needed modern answer to this familiar problem. MeetMeTix, the dba of NightRaft, Inc., seeks to fill the missing link in the ticketing industry by providing a secure, fast and efficient ticket resale solution for users of mobile devices.

Jesse Dyer, CEO, MeetMeTix

Dyer states that the company’s CEO, Jesse Dyer, originally had a somewhat broader social product in mind, but early feedback prompted a change in direction. ”Ticketing was always a component, but our field research led us to focus solely on that opportunity, and particularly on college football, as the best place to launch,” he says. “All of us on the team are steeped in college football traditions and understand how to meet the needs of fans looking to buy or sell tickets as game time nears.”

From its founding in the spring of 2011, the team explored a number of technology alternatives and secured this past May a technical co-founder with a strong track record as an engineer and engineering manager dating back to one of Ben Dyer’s earlier companies.  With this talent on board, the company has developed an industrial strength and payment capable product and is now poised to raise serious funding. “We want to be ready to launch early in this fall’s college football season,” says Dyer, noting that a September launch will allow for revenue of more than $400,000 in 2012. Initial rounds have drawn investors from both Austin, New York and Atlanta, Georgia.

Dyer and company are in the right town to launch a new business. “The welcoming environment of Austin is well known. Resources like TEN and the ATI in particular have been particularly helpful to us, but there are almost too many to name, “he says. “I personally have interesting pro bono roles at SXSW Accelerator and at UT’s 1 Semester Startup Class, where there are always inspiration and ideas.”