Hevan Provides Haven for New Business Concepts

Hevan Provides Haven for New Business Concepts

Dallas entrepreneur offers online platform for creative/financial interaction

Evan Hanson knows first-hand the difficulty of turning a great idea into a moneymaking reality. “I have had many great ideas throughout my life, yet many of them lay dormant in my head because I either had no money to move forward, or I was overwhelmed with trying to start a business,” he explains. But from these experiences sprang the seed of his new entrepreneurial venture, Hevan — a resource for innovators and investors to connect, work together and create the Next Big Thing.

“People like to talk about how certain entrepreneurs were in the right place at the right time, or just happened to know the right people,” he says. “They ask, ‘What would Apple be if Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had never met?’ Well, Hevan brings those people together and creates that ‘right place at the right time.’” Members of Hevan’s online network — a mix of creative talent, marketers, and investors — can use the company’s Web-based tools to share business plans and informational videos, create partnerships and build new business models.

Hanson has prepared for Heven’s imminent launch by building interest through a preregistration web page. “I’ve been encouraging people to preregister and share through other social networks. I am spreading the word as much as possible and offering the first 5,000 people to submit their email addresses the opportunity to be named a special contributor on hevan.net,” he says. Once the business launches, his team will spend the following week refining and adjusting the site according to the feedback received. Afterwords, a two-month promotional tour will focus on college campuses in Texas and a few neighboring states.

Hanson has brought the business to its current stage entirely without outside investment, explaining that during his previous work at Apple, Inc. he had saved his money diligently while searching for the just the right project to come along. For him, the most significant challenge to starting a new business has been the development process. “After you draw up your initial vision, the team finds new ways to refine it, which delays the launch.” He advises budding entrepreneurs to share their ideas with others to determine the “rightness” of the concept. “When you do finally hit  on that great idea, you will feel passionate about telling anyone and everyone who will listen.”