Hiding your flying eyes

Hiding your flying eyes

New sunglasses for pilots provide a more comfortable flight

dean-1As a private pilot for almost 15 years, Dean Siracusa noticed much discomfort from his regular sunglasses under his headset, especially on long flights. And even worse, the noise leak from the temples interfered with the Active Noise Cancellation headset.

To solve this problem, he launched Flying Eyes Sunglasses in October in 2012 and has seen a continuous increase in sales from the beginning.

“We introduced our Flying Eyes sunglasses at the 2012 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Summit in Palm Springs and they were a hit from the start,” said Siracusa. “I regularly have pilots who tell me that they’ve been searching for a solution for years and they’re very happy with our product.”

Since launching the sunglasses, they’ve discovered pilots also love using our sunglasses for all kinds of things outside of aviation. “So now we’re expanding both our product line as well as our reach to different markets beyond just aviation,” he said.

When asked what was the most challenging aspect of starting the business, Siracusa replied, “Finding the right team to help design and produce the sunglasses. Also, the big surprise was having to deal with the FDA since sunglasses are considered a medical device. Negotiating the regulations and permits was interesting to say the least.”

Siracusa bootstrapped the company from the start to find out if the concept was legit before bringing in investors. “Our advice to other entrepreneurs is to improve your product as long as you can before taking it to market. But at some point, you’ll also need to get it out there to see if it’s something the public actually wants—do whatever you can to make that happen.”