Jared Leger talks about Arise Healthcare

Jared Leger talks about Arise Healthcare

Jared2(sRGB_Web)Arise is the #8 fastest growing company in Austin in 2013.  Arise partners with doctors to provide better service to patients.   Jared Leger is the CEO of Arise and gave more details about the company in this interview.

How did you start the company?

Dr. Wills and I started Arise in 2009 to run healthcare centers.  We run joint ventures with doctors and surgeons to provide localized healthcare. They see it as an extension of their practice.  We take care of the back office work.

What was the most challenging aspect of starting up?

Building credibility to do bigger projects.   Going up against large competitors was daunting.  We were also working with very little capital. The key was establishing a track record.  It was a scary time. We kept asking ourselves if we were going to make it.

What is your growth strategy?

We follow the needs of the Texas market.  We found a need for outpatient surgical care centers that are located closer to the patient’s home.  Also, the Texas markets are growing, especially in Central Texas.  There’s also a growing niche called “compounding pharmacy” which makes custom medicines for patients.  We plan to pursue that avenue as well.

What is your company’s mission?

To make the facilities patient centric.  We can support our doctor partners by overseeing their facilities and helping them navigate the direction of business practices in medicine.

What is the next step for your company?

We want to grow the Arise Austin Medical Center brand through offsite campuses—which puts the facility closer to the patient.  We also recently launched Arise Capital, which handles the real estate component of our facilities – and we’ll be adding new sites.

What are your core three values?

Be Honest

Be Responsible

Be Wise

How does healthcare reform impact your company?

It helps it and hurts it. We must pay more for health insurance for the 320 employees in our company. It’s not clear what impact it will have on our facilities because the proposed performance metrics aren’t finalized yet.   Of course, this makes potential investors sit on the sidelines until the situation becomes clear.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs today?

Most entrepreneurs don’t forecast their profit/loss to determine their operational metrics.  We recommend business planning around financial metrics and then measure budget to actual.

What resource have you found to be the most helpful and why?

One of our best resources has been sound legal counsel.  Our industry is highly regulated so finding someone with industry-specific experience has been a must.  Also the Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Hospital Association have been great resources for us as well.