RoboKind is the technological leader in creating affordable robots with human faces and a full range of facial expressions. RoboKind is working with experts in their fields to enable the robots to teach courses and conduct therapies for children with autism and adults with dementia. Our robots can deliver material expertly at 1/20th the cost of humans. After 3 years and 6 million dollars of development, RoboKind is starting to sell and pilot to schools and nursing homes in what will be a multibillion dollar market. There is a large market for robot courses in language, reading and general companionship and entertainment.

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RoboKind Started selling its Robots4Autism program in August of this year at a price of $5,000/year on 3 year contracts with additional services like teacher training being extra.  RoboKind will finish the year With approximately 100 Robots4Autism Robots Sold and 185 in total sold.  We also have an additional 50 units closing in January and approximately 100 new leads who have requested proposals.  RoboKind will finish 2015 with approximately $500k in revenue.

It is also important to emphasize that at 600 robots sold, RoboKind is breakeven as a company and every 1000 robots sold beyond the initial 600 units RoboKind will generate an additional $5MM in revenue with a flow through of about $3.5MM.


This news story is about a Non-Profit called The Make It Fit Foundation who has purchased 4 Robots4Autism robots from RoboKind and is raising money to purchase another 100 robots from us.

This news story shows our Robots4Autism program in use with a student and has a parent of a child with autism who is using our robot discuss how much it is helping and also the Director of the Dallas Autism Treatment Center discussing how well it works.

This video generated almost 7 Million views and 95 thousand shares on Facebook and shows our robots working with a person with autism, his parents testimonial about how the robot is improving the student’s social skills and several professionals discussing how well the robot works and why it works.

RoboKind Products and Sales:


We have now sold 185 robots into 80 school districts and have another 50 sales pending and a pipeline of 100 additional robots through the end of January; sales of Robots4Autism® began in August.  We have a small sales team that is only operating in Texas and California and are adding 2 east coast sales people who will be covering 10 states beginning in January so we expect to see a tremendous rise in sales by the end of Q1’16.

A UTD Collier Center Clinical study proves engagement level dramatically higher (20 to 30 times) with the robot than with human therapist( UTD). In addition the Kennedy Krieger Center at Johns Hopkins is doing the largest ever autism related clinical study with our robots and it is financed by Aetna for over $200,000.

We expect to add 70 more districts in January, they will be available for references by the end of January.

On January 4th we will release the entire Robots4Autism® program to schools that consists of 102 lessons and a full data portal.  This is being sold with our own sales force and support team. We believe district will average 6-8 robots each. We expect to be in 400 districts within 15 months.

Robots4STEM™ and Robots4STEM™ Junior

Beginning January, RoboKind will begin sales of its first partner products, 2 computer science courses using the RoboKind Milo robot, one for high school students and one for 2nd through 5th graders.

  •        Robokind has entered an agreement with Quadrant 4 to support and market its Robots4STEM high school computer science (Java) and robotics course. Each student gets to write code on a 3D Avatar of the robot and then try it out on the classroom robot. Robokind has created an entire digital course along with both student and teacher manuals. The course contains over 70 Robot exercises and will be delivered and maintained by quadrant 4. Three districts will pilot the course in January and the selling will begin in February. Quadrant 4 has a math intervention course in 400 districts (4000+ schools.) in 10 states. They have canvased the districts and 60% have expressed interest initially.
  •        Grades 2,3,4,5- Quadrant 4 has created a SNAP course (visual programming for beginners). The course will also contain 70 exercises for the robot as well as an in computer avatar. Most districts want this basic course in at least one grade. The course can run for either 8 or 16 weeks. Since most schools have 2-4 classrooms per grade there is a big market for this. Funding is available both from budgets and federal IDEA money as well as grants from companies promoting STEM.
  •        Computer Science- Adult Stem grants. The federal government is making block grants available to states to create high school proficiency courses that specifically emphasize STEM.
  •        Many high schools have robotics clubs that raise money from parents for after school programs.
  •        Computer Science Camps- There are numerous 2-4 week summer programs that charge $250-$400 per student that would love to have the Robot and Curriculum.
  •        Computer Science-Foreign Markets. – Our Curriculum is being translated to French and can be translated easily into other foreign languages and we have gotten interest in other countries about the possibility of approaching school systems on a bulk basis.


RoboKind is working with Activities Directors of 4 ‘senior living’ chains that are working with the robots to develop group activities for RoboKind’s robots. Once completed those chains and their friends will constitute bulk orders of at least 1200 robots. This will be done without a sales force but once the orders come we will create a training and implementation staff.


At Robokind we’re making great progress with sales.  We’ve sold into seven Texas school districts including Round Rock, Denison, and Coppell for initial testing.   We’ve also sold $50K of product into several universities including

University of Alaska  (potential expansion tied to status of grant)

University of Toronto

University of Mississippi

Robokind recently brought on board another team member.   Liz Ralston is joining the team for  Sales/Marketing.  She brings a strong track record of sales and growth in this field as well as an extensive network of over 1000 schools in the field of Autism. You can see her LinkedIN profile here:

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