trendingTogga ( is creating a social fantasy sports platform that lets soccer fans connect, engage and enjoy fantasy soccer with their friends and the worldwide community. We see a growing, passionate soccer fan base, but a clear void in the market for a premium fantasy soccer offering modeled after the successful mechanics and expectations of the fantasy NFL and MLB experience.

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The Project FAQs

Scott Faust – Bootstrapped previous company in 4.5 years to $12 MM in sales. Marketing & operations veteran with over 8 years of tactical SEM & SEO experience.

Christian Primozich – Over 15 years of experience with custom app development for online games. Co-founder & development lead at Challenge Games which sold to Zynga.

Spence Wetjen – Co-founded & Vice President of Product at CollabIP. Principal member of Best Buy’s Innovation Development group where he worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence.

1. Traction on the site so far:

Togga is converting traffic at a 25% sign up rate with word of mouth sign ups representing 80% of total registrations. We are receiving an influx of positive feedback emails from users who have been on the lookout for our product offering.

2. Names of channel partners and leagues in which you are discussing

Togga is building its platform for the English Premier League, the biggest league in the world with 1.46 billion viewers. The platform is being built in a way that easily lends itself to extend into the other major leagues (Major League Soccer, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Champions League). We have connections with key stakeholders in these leagues, but want to evolve the product and marketing traction before having these key conversations.

3. How you will monetize it

Togga will offer the basic functionality as a free offering, but will have premium league options with an additional 15 features. Analogs to the NFL show the premium market is a $2 billion market where 28% of users pay for a hosted provider.

In addition to premium leagues, we see a massive opportunity to evolve our technology into the $17 billion virtual goods space (growing at 12.5% per year). We see a huge void in the market to converge the engagement of fantasy sports with the massive virtual goods market to provide for the ultimate mobile/community experience.

4. How much of the system is up and running

Our beta is product is live on with updates to the functionality and design happening daily. We have a visionary Chief Product Officer and an expert Chief Technology officer who are working around the clock to push the product roadmap forward.

5. When you’ll get to first customer revenue

Our strategy is to gain a critical mass of users to allow for optimal revenue generation through season long and weekly games. We will have our first weekly game that will be revenue generating by October 2015.


Update 12/15/14

Togga continues to build momentum raising $375,000 of its $500,000 goal.  They are looking for a couple more investors to close out their seed round by end of year.

Togga (slang term for soccer) is an evolved way to play fantasy soccer (  Togga sees a growing, passionate soccer fan base, but a clear void in the market for a premium fantasy soccer offering modeled after the successful mechanics and expectations of fantasy football.  They are developing a draft style game with enhanced stats and a keen focus on social/mobile.  They have over 6,000 users from 90+ countries and will use the financing to further enhance the product and build on marketing channels.

You can see a demo of the product here,

Update 10/28/2014

To date, Togga has secured over $200,000 of Angel Investment, with Andrew Busey and Dan Graham investing and also coming on in advisory capacity.

Togga continues to move forward with over 5,000 users in the last 14 weeks.  These users are also engaged with half them actively engaged with the platform.

Togga presented at Capital Factory’s Demo Day and received much interest, getting featured in VentureBeat as one of five Austin startups to watch.

The platform is being enhanced daily with a major update going live 10/29.

Over the next 9 months, Togga is focused on building out core features analogous to NFL fantasy expectations, creating a single player experience and developing its mobile native client.

Togga has a large mission to become the leading, global fantasy soccer platform where millions of soccer fans go to better consume the sport they love.  They are a proven team, building momentum each day.

Updates 9/23/2014

– Have received investment from one of the most highly regarded gaming angels/advisors in Austin, Andrew Busey. Togga now has four seasoned advisors to help advise on product scale and distribution.

– Team of 10 members working on platform. Product continues to improve each day with a focus on creating a platform that can easily scale and/or be adapted.

– Got accepted to the top Incubator in Austin, for access to their capital opportunities, mentors and talent.

– In early talks with top American soccer player to come on board in advisor status. This could be crucial for distribution and industry connections.

– Have added a top content influencer to head its blog. This top content influencer ‘s importance is to both the Brand, and to the power of the large SEO potential in the space,

They have concrete validation for the platform due to high conversion and engagement rates with users from over 70 countries. They are now getting aggressive with a $500,000 seed raise to get the product to a best of breed state (money to be used for development/design scale) with a firm push to have a strong presence for SXSW Sports in March. They will then raise a subsequent round to light fuel to the fire on the marketing and league expansion front.

Togga made its beta live 5 weeks ago and the growth/feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with signups from 41 countries. The breakdown is below:

Week 1: 126

Week 2: 169

Week 3: 329

Week 4: 641

Week 5 1,137

Total: 2,402

Togga receives 8-10 emails a day with users expressing their excitement with the product. Here are three actual support email where users have volunteered to help with make introductions to Premier League players, aid in building our native mobile client, and spearhead our content initiative!

“Hi, my brother runs a sports management business with a number of international players as clients and has, in his capacity as a sports lawyer, worked with Premier League clubs/players. We are particularly interested in exploring how these clubs/players might get involved in supporting this.”

“Proposal: Most of my league would prefer to interact with the site via a mobile device. One of the players is so interested that they would like to talk about working on a mobile solution.”

“I’m very happy, as a player, with the progress you’ve made and eagerly anticipate the introduction of additional features in the coming weeks. I would love to chat with someone on your team about providing original content for the current Beta game.”

There is now a team of seven working around the clock with a focus on building an incredible product and driving user acquisition.

They have added three strategic advisors who bring a wealth of experience in business development, engineering scale and distribution. They are:

Mark Piening – President at Circle Media, former VP of Business Development at Bazaarvoice

Brian Dainton – Co-founder of Mass Relevance, VP of Engineering at Spredfast

Josh Rickel – VP of Media at Spredfast

Additionally, the Togga team has been accepted into the Capital Factory incubator program, which is one of the leading incubator programs in the country, where they will leverage an esteemed 80+ mentors and access to talent to fuel their growth.

They have 3 goals they are working towards by end of year:

1. Be the hands down leading draft platform for English Premier League

2. Have 29,000 users

3. Complete initial seed round of $500,000 to be able to hire 2 engineers and 1 designer (mobile focused) to scale the product and increase marketing initiatives.

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