New mobile app to provide better interaction between bars/restaurants and its consumers

Taylor Pierce, Founder, Secret Happy Hour

Taylor Pierce, Founder, Secret Happy Hour

When Taylor Pierce and his buddies were enjoying some drinks after work, they were complaining to themselves about always missing the happy hours because of not being able to get there in time. They wondered, “How cool would it be if they were still able to get happy hour deals all the time?”

Pierce set out to build a new and effective way for restaurants/bars and customers to interact. “Everyone is on their phone 24/7 these days, even when dining out,” said Pierce.  “Our application will allow the restaurants/bars to send Secret Happy Hours to users of the app (in a defined location) that contain specials, discounts, and deals. The idea behind this is the user gets a discount and the restaurant/bar gets business.”

The restaurant/bar has the ability to customize the Secret Happy Hour however they see fit. This will keep everything fun for the users since no two deals will be the same. Secret Happy Hour will help define how users discover new restaurants/bars and ultimately change the way we dine out forever.

Pierce and his team have been developing and tweaking their app and business model for a little over a year, and as of last month (June) have been devoting all of their time to making their dream a reality.

“We didn’t seek an actual investor in the beginning,” notes Pierce. “We approached a good friend, pitched the idea, and he loved it. He was gracious enough to offer us $15,000 and it now a full partner. We all have made financial sacrifices to get the company where it is today, but the amount of hype we have from our customers is simply what keeps us going.”

The next step for Secret Happy Hour is to finish the beta and launch the app, which is currently scheduled for November of this year. “We will do whatever it takes to make this happen,” says Pierce. “If that means seeing how long the human body can survive on Ramen Noodles then so be it!”