Austin Entrepreneur wants you to get a better night’s sleep

Bruce Wayne Meleski

Bruce Wayne Meleski

Having been involved in exercise and nutrition wellness for most of his career, Dr. Bruce Wayne Meleski got involved with a new mattress technology, intelliGel(tm) because of its pressure relieving capabilities. This breakthrough technology piqued his overall interest in sleep and thought there was a bigger opportunity to truly understand natural solutions.

“100 Million Americans do not sleep well,” said Meleski. “We have been selling intelliBED mattresses and pillows since 2004, but in 2009 I began to research different sleep solutions beyond mattresses and medications.”

Meleski started Intelligent Sleep programs in 2011 consisting of programs that can be taught to the general public. “We recently worked with a Alzheimer’s client and improved his functional memory score from the first percentile to the sixty fifth percentile in six months,” notes Meleski.

Intelligent Sleep creates personalized sleep solutions using four elements: body, mind, health, and home. Applying these elements, they help sufferers from low back pain, pressure point pain, insomnia, and many other sleep issues. They also offer clinically proven programs for chronic insomniacs.

“We consult with elite athletes for sleep sports performance. We help business professionals achieve brain wave fitness. And, we can help you design your next bedroom with our Smart Bedroom and Sleep and Senses consultation,” says Meleski.

Meleski has built the business to this point mostly through referrals, but the next step for Intelligent Sleep is to open a Sleep Solution Center that will bring all of its sleep and brain wave fitness solutions under one center.

“Currently we market our product to the medical community, so naturally many chiropractors, physical therapists and physicians refer patients for our mattress. Now with the sleep wellness program we are able to increase our referrals back to more primary care and specialist physicians,” he says.